What we do

Transform your Culture


Are you looking for a painless, quick and even fun way to get a clear understanding of what goes on beyond the formal organisational chart? Do you know what is really going on (from senior management to the front line), do you comprehensively understand the culture of your organisation?  We dig deep, really getting to grips with the way your organisation ticks - how and who is connected, what the blockers are ….how you might adapt for the future.

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Facilitation Communication


If you want to harvest all of the ideas held within your organisation or from your network or user group in one day - really listening to what your staff or customers think and to generate ideas for change and strengthen relationships between participants we can help you. We organise and facilitate great Unconferences and World Cafe sessions.    

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Learning Experiences


Organisations need to constantly refresh their skill sets and thought processes to thrive and remain competitive in the modern world.  Traditional training programmes that follow the show / tell / do method leave participants with little retained learning.  Every one of us forgets 50% of what we learn within an hour unless we put it into practice.  This is expensive and inefficient.  We are different, we create social learning experiences in which you learn new concepts and tools, then immediately apply them to your current practice.    

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