Unlocking Innovation

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Unlock the innovation potential in your organisation


Do you need to stimulate fresh thinking and new ideas in your organisation or turn ideas into a reality?  This practical workshop series will unleash creativity and provide you with a set of evaluated solutions to real problems.

Who should attend?

Organisations which want to be innovative, but in reality find it difficult to pin down what that means or understand how to implement it.  

This workshop will work well for people from all parts of the organisation.  We will work on real work related problems they experience.  We will ask participants to bring their problems to the workshop.

 This workshop will deliver:

  • Prototype solutions to the problems your staff have identified.
  • Improved skills, knowledge and understanding of how to apply an innovation process to a work based problem, which can be applied again and again.
  • Innovation actually practised in the organisation instead of being dismissed as a buzzword.
  • Staff become more confident through practise.
  • Shift in mindsets towards a culture of innovation in the workplace.
  • Staff are equipped with a range of easy to use tools and techniques that can be used to generate fresh perspectives.


Why use The Satori Lab

We are experts in innovation and creativity.  Our workshop style is highly participatory, challenging and energising.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out What our Clients say.

The content can be tailored to your specific needs.

How it is Delivered

  • In-house
  • 4 x 3 hour workshops with “homework” between sessions
  • Spread over 2, 3 or 4 days.
  • Up to 12 people per group


Session 1

Problem Definition

Participants come to the first session with a real world work based problem.  We help participants get to grips with the real root cause of the problem, to make sure that they’re working on the right thing.


Outcome: a well defined problem

Session 2

Idea Generation

We take the well defined problem from session 1 and use a variety of easy to use tools and techniques to come up with lots of ideas.  We show how assumptions can sometimes limit idea generation and we show you how to refine ideas.

Outcome: ideas to solve your problem

Session 3

Designing Solutions

We take the best ideas from session 2 and show participants how to design and test solutions in a low cost, low risk way.   

Outcome: Prototyped solution

Session 4


We evaluate and iterate the design so it is ready for execution.  We show how the tools and techniques can be used in the real world.

We review the full programme to ensure the learning embeds into practise. 


Outcome: Evaluated prototypes

12 hours CPD


What people are saying about our events

"The follow-up resource pack is great, much better than anything I've had from similar courses; definitely adds value for me....The collaborative questioning session was an eye-opener for me, I'll definitely be looking for opportunities to apply this."

Mark Ware, Mark Ware Consulting, Innovation Workshop


"Well worth a day of my time" - see Vicky's blog about her experience

Vicky Green, Bromford Housing, Innovation Lab - Innovation Workshop



"I'd definitely recommend Innovation Unpacked because it encourages you to take a different look at business as usual and discover how we can really add value."

Simon King, Business Inspired Growth