Innovation Unpacked


Introduce innovation practise into your workforce


Everyone is talking about Innovation, yet do we really know what it is and how it can help us to do better projects, understand our users, reduce time wasting and reduce the risk of massive high profile failures from traditional project methodology?

This introduction to innovation can help your organisation to work better, smarter, faster and more creatively.

This one day workshop will give participants a proper grounding in innovation practice. At the end of the day they will feel comfortable understanding what innovation really is, what it isn't, and which part of the toolbox you need to reach for in any given situation.


Sell it to your Boss

This workshop is different.  It is a completely immersive experience where you get to try out innovation tools on an actual real life work based problem.

We help you:

  • identify the root cause of your problem
  • give you tools to come up with lots of ideas to solve your problem
  • help you practice prototyping your solution

Not only does this help you innovate on your particular problem, it gives you real-life experience of innovation practice so that you are well equipped to use it back in the office.

Here is a blog explaining what a recent attendee got out of Innovation Unpacked. Everyone who came to that session said that they'd "definitely" recommend it to a colleague.

Who should attend

It is aimed at people from all levels in your organisation who would like to find out more about innovation and how it can work for them.  You may have been given an innovation brief yet have had little in the way of formal training or are interested in finding out ways to innovate in your existing role.


  • Introduction to Innovation, some new terminology and concepts
  • Exploration of the difference between incremental, disruptive, open and radical innovation
  • We look at examples of Frugal Innovation - ways to save money and innovate
  • Innovation is a process - from Problem Space to Ideation Space to Solution Space
  • Introduction and workshop practise using innovation tools - 5 Why’s / Collaborative Questioning / MIT Innovation Drill
  • Innovation Killers - what will stand in your way
  • Agile vs. Waterfall Development methodology - how to avoid a big white elephant
  • Design Thinking - focus on what the user needs, not what the organisation needs
  • Peppered throughout this we will introduce you to some of the funky innovations we’ve come across in the public and third sector



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What people are saying about our events

"The follow-up resource pack is great, much better than anything I've had from similar courses; definitely adds value for me....The collaborative questioning session was an eye-opener for me, I'll definitely be looking for opportunities to apply this."

Mark Ware, Mark Ware Consulting, Innovation Unpacked Workshop


"Well worth a day of my time" - see Vicky's blog about her experience

Vicky Green, Bromford Housing, Innovation Lab - Innovation Unpacked Workshop



"I'd definitely recommend Innovation Unpacked because it encourages you to take a different look at business as usual and discover how we can really add value."

Simon King, Business Inspired Growth