How to Successfully Collaborate

What's it all about?

When collaboration goes well, you benefit from the development of new ideas and relationships, shared resources, innovative solutions and strengthened networks.  

When it goes wrong it results in endless discussion, political manoeuvring, unproductive meetings, lack of participation and stalemates.

This workshop is an immersive experience where participants feel the frustration of a badly planned collaboration project before building their practice and learning new tools and methods so that their next collaboration project goes well.

We help with the practical side of things - the mechanics of a good collaboration, using freely available software tools.  Participants practise collaborating with other participants during the workshop - we start with making collaborative notes from the session and then tackle more complex challenges throughout the day. 

Sell it to your boss

This workshop is different.  It is a completely immersive experience where you get to practice using collaboration tools on a given scenario.

We help you:

  • see the problems of muddling through a collaboration project
    give you tools to run an effective and successful collaboration project
    help you practice using new collaboration tools
  • We give you real-life experience of collaboration practice so that you are well equipped to use it back in the office.

Who should attend

This workshop is for people from all levels in your organisation with a requirement to work collaboratively from large private sector organisations, public services, charities and not for profits.  It's also great for consultants and freelancers who find themselves partnering with others to provide a joined up service.

You will need some IT skills as around 50 - 60% of the time is spent using free, easy to use software tools.

The content is geared towards people who haven't had any previous training in collaboration skills.



  • Participants take part in 3 collaboration challenges throughout the day
  • One challenge is deliberately unplanned and allows people to feel the frustration of a collaboration project where people just 'muddle along'
  • We then arm attendees with new tools on agreeing shared goals, who needs to be part of the project, allocation of roles and tasks, is it an open or closed project, effective decision making, communications and software tools.
  • We then immerse participants in challenge no. 3 - trying out these new ideas and tools for themselves
  • Participants usually have a eureka moment when they realise that with a few simple tools and upfront planning, they too can run successful collaboration projects 
  • We also use Hackpad, Trello and Google collaborative software tools (all freely available; no specific prior experience necessary)

The content is theory light and practice heavy, so what you learn will be useable back in the office.

Delegates will leave feeling confident in their ability to effectively collaborate, saving time and improving efficiency once back in the office.


I want this workshop!

There are three ways to get on this workshop:

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Buy the workshop in-house
  3. Co-host the workshop. You cover the venue, catering and expenses and we sell the rest of the tickets to people from other organisations.  

In any case, we need to know who you are and what you're interested in.  You can find out more information and fill out an enquiry form here.


What people are saying about our events

"I think everyone could benefit from this course.  The course set-up and workshop exercises were engaging and I picked up some really useful new ideas and learnt, from scratch, how to use some free collaboration software tools"

Dr Jacqui Campbell - Senior Research Officer, Shelter Cymru

"An enjoyable and energising workshop from The Satori Lab!  The exercises were what made it for me - they made a real impact." 

Michael Corbett, Productbox