Facilitation of Staff Events

We design and facilitate great all-staff Unconferences and World Café sessions

If you want to harvest all of the ideas held within your organisation or from your network or user group in one day - really listening to what your staff or customers think and to generate ideas for change and strengthen relationships between participants we can help you.



Unconferences are a great way to gather people around a specific theme to share information and develop ideas.

An unconference day starts with no agenda.  We introduce the format for those who are unfamiliar and warm up the crowd.  Participants then pitch a topic for a session they wish to facilitate.  Each session is allocated a time slot and the agenda is created.

Sessions usually range from problems solving, information or ideas sharing to sharing best practice and case studies.

Staff Unconference

Unconferences are incredibly useful at harvesting all of the ideas in your organisation in one day – really listening to what your staff think and to generate ideas for change from the front line.

World Café

Using the World Café design principles and method we effectively engage people in conversations that matter and capture the information so that you can act on it.  This flexible format can be used to host a variety of events, for example, bringing the community together around a particular topic, an all-staff event or a membership organisation event.

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