Culture Mapping Organisations

Culture Mapping Workshop

A fast and cost-effective way to yield deep insights into your organisation's culture


Culture is a notoriously tricky concept to get a handle on and it's very hard to understand your own organisational culture yet it cannot be ignored. The first step is to understand your culture.

The Culture Mapping tool developed by Dave Gray helps you move from unproductive circular discussions about abstract concepts around values to tangible observable behaviour based analysis. You know there’s a problem, you know it’s cultural in nature, but you can’t see what it is.

Using this tool can help you see it. We call this making the invisible visible.

The process helps you unpick both stated and unstated rules, codes, patterns, processes, structures, routines and habits that form the building blocks of your organisations’ cultural DNA. It also immediately exposes the gap between what you think is (or should be) going on, and what is actually taking place.

Culture mapping digs deep. It doesn’t yield a number, a label or a prescribed process that assumes humans will respond as predictably to new instruction as components in a machine do.  You may use the tool at an organisational level or within discrete parts of an organisation.


Who should attend?

  • HR officer
  • Organisational development officer
  • Transformation officer
  • manager with a need to understand cultural dynamics
  • consultants

It would also be particularly useful if you're currently managing a transformation programme, organisational restructure or a merger of two teams / organisations.

Sell it to your boss

Our experience of using the tool has been nothing short of spectacular, including:

  • Identifying opportunities for massive cost savings
  • Identifying where the real innovators in your organisation are and where your organisations processes prevent development of their ideas
  • Understanding absolutely specifically what factors are contributing to erosion of trust within the organisation.

Culture mapping can help you yield deeper insights than you could from a simple questionnaire.  We help you find the champions of change so you can build them up and find the resistance to change so that you can dampen them down.


During this workshop we will share our first hand insights in using the tool and guide you through practical application of it in a real-life scenario.  

We show you ways you can analyse the data and the sorts of insights you can expect to gather.

We give you a chance to ‘play’ with this new tool in a structured and safe environment.

You will end the day with a full appreciation of the value culture mapping can bring to your own organisation, and the confidence to introduce these concepts to your colleagues.