Culture Change in Organisations

What's it all about?

When it’s your job to make your organisation better, to effect culture change and encourage innovation - things can get tough and lonely.

Join other private, public sector and not-for profit professionals on this special one day workshop that will show you the tools and models for culture change in your organisation.

Every organisation has a culture whether it benefits or hinders long term success. Come armed with a problem in your organisational culture and you'll go away with some insights and action points.

You'll go away armed with the latest thinking in creating an innovation culture in your organisation.

Who should attend

This workshop is for people from all levels in the organisation with a brief covering HR or Organisational Development, or with an interest in organisational culture in the private sector, public service, charities and not for profits.  

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We take participants through the 3 important steps required for successful culture change starting with assessing what you've already got, how to bring staff along with you and how to experiment and start small, then amplify what works.

We'll also throw in a few case studies where things have gone well and some not so well.

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • Understanding of the context and the need for culture change 
  • Knowledge of some key concepts and models around organisational culture
  • Practical tools you can use to understand what is really going on in your organisation
  • How to bring the staff with you on a journey of change
  • Confidence in approaches to transformation
  • E-book of handy links and tips

I want this workshop!

There are three ways to get on this workshop:

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Buy the workshop in-house
  3. Co-host the workshop. You cover the venue, catering and expenses and we sell the rest of the tickets to people from other organisations.  

In any case, we need to know who you are and what you're interested in.  You can find out more information and fill out an enquiry form here.


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What people are saying about our events

"I've got quite a lot of methodologies I've learnt over the years but actually what's come out of today are other very important methodologies and tools to be used that can really help with people's thinking process and change management."

Terry Watkins - Aneurin Bevan Health Board


"Inspiring and informative with practical application.  Excellent facilitation - well done!"

Helen Davies, Arnolfini