When blockchain met the internal auditors

It is probably a familiar experience to many that when you walk into a room full of internal auditors, it is with a little bit of apprehension and perhaps even a modicum of fear. Today I had a curious experience where I addressed a room full of members of the Institute of Internal Auditors and […]

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We’ve been profiled on the So-Mo blog

Here’s a taster of what Nicola from So Mo has to say about 1/2 of The Satori Lab. Meet Esko Reinikainen: heretic, hero & Shakespear’s fool ! I invited Esko to deliver a session at the ‘Digital Maze’, an event So-mo ran at the International Festival of Business back in 2014. I loved what he […]

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Reflections on Service Design in Government

A Tale of a Gov Whisperer, Guerrilla User Research and a Free Tool Kit We recently attended the second incarnation of the Service Design in Government Conference facilitated by the good people at Software Acumen. So how did the conversation differ from the first event in 2014? There was more focus on policy level decision making […]

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Tomorrow’s technology will lead to sweeping changes in society

By Lene Rachel Andersen, University of Southern Denmark and Steen Rasmussen, University of Southern Denmark Throughout history, whenever new technologies have emerged that change our means of production and ability to communicate they have tended to transform society. The rapid technological development of the past century – in biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence […]

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Matt Desmier

The Good Hacker – Part 4: Matt Desmier

I’m not sure when Matt (@mattdesmier) gets a chance to sleep, let alone answer interview questions – he is director at Wise Old Uncle and Think Create Do based in Poole and also founded Silicon Beach – which started as an annual event gathering together the cream of the UK’s digital and creative sector in Bournemouth to share their expertise and latest […]

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Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes

I read Dave Gray’s fascinating slide deck recently describing how organisations go through a period of growth as a new start-up when they’re hot, agile and chaotic – and some fail. If they manage to get through this and they get all their ducks in a row, they enter a blissful period of peak fitness. […]

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The Good Hacker – Part 3: Matt Jukes

I met Matt Jukes on the internet first. Around the time that we were planning on launching GovCampCymru in Wales, this incredibly kind, enthusiastic, and encouraging character (@jukesie) popped up on the twitter streams.  His remote efforts landed us a logo and the kind of momentum that is the difference between ‘we think this could […]

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